The 2 Forms of Asbestos And Their Terrifying Consequences


When we construct buildings, we do so with the aim that they will stand for decades and decades if not a century. It means many of the places we live, work, entertain or just relax were made before the late 1980s. That was the era when asbestos was used extensively in construction due to its countless number of applications. Site Environmental & Remediation Services states that it is critical that each property, made before 1985, be tested for asbestos. This especially applies if the building is under consideration for renovation or demolition.

Asbestos causes severe health issues if it is in the airborne form or inhaled due to prolonged exposure. Mesothelioma, an aggressive cancer that affects the lining of the lungs, is the most horrible result of asbestos poisoning. To know more about how to treat the disease, go on to It is important to test a property to prevent such horrific outcomes. It should be done by authorised and qualified experts only. Since asbestos was used in many forms and for many applications, only a true professional is capable of searching it out entirely.

An experienced asbestos removal company will be able to look in all the nooks and crannies an average person would not think about. They will also know to look for all forms of asbestos. At present, the harmful product is categorised as friable and non-friable.
• Friable is the loose form of asbestos. It can become airborne and when inhaled can lead to major ailments. It is majorly found in insulation. In the age when the material was applied everywhere, it was used in stoves, boilers, water pipers, textures ceilings, paints, coasting, etc. It was also used as a soundproofing technique by spraying on. It was also used to insulate housed by filling in the roof. Friable asbestos was also used in materials to make them heat resistant.
When buildings, which have friable asbestos are renovated, improved upon or just plain demolished, it causes the material to crumble and then disperse in the air. This can happen through simple activities like drilling or sawing too. As explained earlier, airborne asbestos is easy to inhale which then gets stuck to the lungs causing fatal issues. Therefore, a property that has not been tested should not be disturbed at all.
• The other category of asbestos, non-friable, is not as hazardous as the friable form. This classification is so known because it is bound firmly. Mostly, non-friable asbestos is found embedded in toughened objects. Though not considered hazardous, a commercial and residential building containing it can cause troubles in the long-run due to overexposure to a harmful substance.

No matter what the form of asbestos is, both are injurious to the health of humans. Any building, no matter how solidly made, will deteriorate at some point or the other. This will lead to a breakdown of asbestos fibres which consequently will cause health conditions like lung cancer, asbestosis and Mesothelioma. Get a property assessed as soon as possible to prevent such horrible ends.

5 Natural Ways To Increase Lost Libido In Men

Increase Libido Naturally

It is one of those days that you put off sex. You experience fatigue, low sex drive and you are in no mood to get intimate with your partner. What was considered as a woman’s problem and a hushed-up topic, has picked up momentum and there are several groups to address this issue. Members at HealthGains can start off on a custom journey and recharge their relationship with simple ideas from

Male menopause or andropause symptoms include low testosterone level, lack of energy, increased body fat, hot flashes and irritability. There are several drugs available to help you revive your sex life and boost your libido. However, take a look at these natural methods that are easy to implement.

Cut Down Stress
This is easier said than done. Take a look at the factors that cause stress in your life. Is it a bad relationship? Or do you work at erratic hours with poor quality sleep? Once you assess your life and habits, it becomes easier to chalk out a new plan.

Learn the art of managing time effectively between work and personal life. Get a good shut-eye every night and focus on the things that matter to you. You can take up an interesting hobby or indulge in some me-time to evaluate your current situation.

Communicate with your partner
If you have difficulties attaining an erection or you are concerned about your failing libido, talk to your partner about these issues. It will put things in perspective, and your partner will understand what you are going through. Often, it can be due to the fear of performance that can actually turn you away from sex.

Talk to your spouse and let her know what you are going through. One in every five men have a low sex drive and there is nothing to shy away from. Both of you can come up with solutions to overcome the problem. Ignoring the topic can only add to the stress.

Eat food that boosts libido
You heard it right. Raw oysters are rich sources of zinc that are essential for the production of sperm and testosterone. Other foods include bananas, nuts, avocados, salmon and red wine. Stay away from processed food and dairy products that can have an adverse effect on your sexual well-being.

Most common aphrodisiacs found in daily consumption include onion, garlic, ginger and pepper. If you have complaints of premature ejaculation, eat nuts like almonds and pistachios. They are considered as natural sex boosters due to the presence of Vitamin E that is known to cure impotence.

See a doctor
To solve your erectile problems, it is advised that you take vitamin tablets and natural supplements under the recommendation of your general physician. These tablets have little side effects and can be used with other medicines as well.

Your doctor will prescribe medicines based on your age and other underlying health issues that might be present. Few individuals are advised against taking medications in case of high blood pressure.

Set the mood
A few aromatic candles, soft light and sensuous words with your partner go a long way in boosting your mood.