Ringworm-Causes, Types, And Precautions


Ringworms are probably one of the most irritating skin rashes. The popular misconception about ringworms is that it is caused due to warming of skins. This theory is entirely wrong. It is a fungus which causes the rash.It is contagious, and you could get it just like that from the infected person; physical contact is not required. There are many types of ringworms. Scalp ringworm is highly infectious, and children are usually at the risk of getting it. Jock itch and athlete foot are also types of ringworms. Ringworm is also called dermatophytosis. The best treatment for ringworm is aplenty; you can also get an idea from this post. It has acquired its name from the way it forms on the skin. There are several forms of ringworms. They are
• Ringworm in the skin on the body (tinea corporis)
• Ringworm in the scalp (tinea capitis)
• Ringworm in the feet
• Ringworm in the groin

There are three fungi which causes these deadly skin rashes. Trichophyton, Microsporum, and epidermophyton are the three cursed fungi. It commonly spreads through the infected animal or human. However it could exist in the spores of the soil as well, the person could get into direct contact with the ground and get them. The symptoms of ringworm aren’t very similar in all the cases; they vary from individual to individual. But there are a few common symptoms or possible symptoms in case of ringworm. They are:

• red, scaly, itchy or raised skin patches
• skin patches which may be redder on outside edges, resembling a ring
• skin patches having defined and raised edges
• skin patches which develop blisters or start to ooze

However it is not necessary for both humans and animals to have symptoms, they could have ringworms as it is. Even bumpy red patch instead of classic red is a kind of ringworm.
Parasitic fungi cause ringworms. When they come in contact with skin, they multiply causing the infectious ringworms. Ringworms can be contacted from Human to Human, object to human, animal to human and even from soil to human as mentioned earlier. The fact is anyone, and everyone has the risk of contracting ringworm if:

Close contact with a person or animal having the deadly ringworms.
Warm climatic condition.
Sharing towels or any object of a person or animal infected with ringworm.
A weak immune system
Skin to skin contact with person or animal with ringworms.
Tight clothing.
A warm moist environment where the fungus loves to reside can infect people who visit with ringworms.

The treatments for ringworm available today are quite a lot .over the counter drug is the first approach for ringworm. If it’s scalp ringworm, the doctor might prescribe a medicated shampoo, when these don’t work, the doctor might prescribe an antifungal cream or something similar.Apart from these, there are a few natural remedies available for the ringworms.They are natural essential oils, like essential tea tree oil, grape extract, apple cider vinegar and much more.Ringworms can be prevented by keeping oneself clean and cautious.So stay away from the fungal skin rash.

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