The Unexpected Truth About Mental Disorders

The existence of a tremendous crude conscience that’s satanic features in the human brain shows that human beings are devils. Offenses and our wars verify this discovery. We’re wicked and illogical creatures that can believe. Luckily, God exists and He gave us a conscience that is human by developing one part of our brain based on human standards. One tiny part of our brain is human. You can have this vision by interpreting the meaning of your dreams based on the scientific method of dream interpretation. Carl Jung actually found the significance of God’s representational language in dreams. This is why I could continue his research by obeying God’s guidance in my dreams, and this is why I could simplify and clarify his vague process of dream interpretation.

We additionally are human beings thanks to God’s generosity even though we’re devils with a miniature individual conscience. We can transform the wicked and illogical part of our brain into a sensitive and psychologically healthy part of our conscience by minding the divine guidance in our dreams and in our faith.

We wish to be free and we despise compliance, but we must acknowledge that we’re not able to find serenity without honoring God’s rules and sound mental health. We’re not able to make choices that are sensible. We must learn the best way to behave based on good. We’ve an evil nature, although this is better for us. We’ve got the negative behaviour inflicted by our anti-conscience. Our conscience is illogical and bad because it’s not developed.

Now, I’ll describe the nature of our conscience. Our conscience is just partly human. It combines what’s bad and good because it’s one sided and it must be acquired during our lives. The Greek word ‘diabolos’ signifies ‘deceiver’. The human conscience is a demon. The devil deceives. Thus, the human conscience is a devil that enjoys to mislead others, while the anti-conscience is a demon. Joy is felt by the devil with horror. It needs to kill everyone and destroy everything. It likes to be evil, although the human conscience does not need to live in dread. It becomes a casualty of the anti-conscience.

The devil deceives in order to have material happiness and edges, but ultimately the devil is killed by the demon. To put it differently, the wicked man has a serious mental illness and is not able to think rationally. This implies our conscience cannot be a demon. We must be human beings who mind the divine guidance in order to evolve. Our satanic anti-conscience ruins our conscience and we become killers. This destruction is slow and based on the formation of various mental illnesses. The fight between bad and good defines the human life. Sound mental health and in order to find peace we must comprehend the actual significance of good. Good is a wonderful present that no one deserves, but that’s essential in life.

Since the beginning of every mental disorder is the existence of an outrageous simple conscience that’s features that are satanic, the remedy for every mental health issue is the growing of good in our hearts. This is a tough issue due to our wicked nature and our inclinations that are idiotic, if we’ll obey God’s guidance in our dreams but we can become perfect human beings. The treatment of a mental disorder is a philosophical question. It depends on wisdom and patience. Our dreams help us comprehend all the details we should know about our anti- our conscience and conscience. In order to solve every issue in this manner, we’re able to uncover the actual reasons why we’re having mental health issues, and what we have to.