Few Things To Know About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful time period. Though for many new mothers-to-be it can be harrowing because they are so new to it. It is an unchartered territory which invokes fear and it should not be so. The journey of the nine months should give the best of feelings with just a minor discomfort, after all, there is another human being growing inside of you. This article will take a new mom to be through the ropes to make things easier and enjoyable. It will talk about the changes the body goes through and how it does bounce back, what classes should you attend such as this birthing class everyone is talking about and so forth.

An interesting piece on huffingtonpost.com talks about how much a woman should eat and how to eat while pregnant. The key here is to remember, especially in the first trimester; just because the diet has increased the weight will rise too. With nausea and the just developing embryo, the cute pregnant belly is generally not visible. For some women, this is the phase where certain smells can give a strong reaction which puts them off food. This is completely typical because the sense of smell increases drastically when pregnant. The same aftershave the husband used now becomes smelly; the garlic that was so hated may seem to be mouth watering. Roll with it, the sense reverts after delivery.

Close up of a pregnant woman wearing long blue dress sits on the window sill, face is unrecognizableThe due date is not what it seems. Just because the doctor said the date is 5th December, it need not be so. The first day of pregnancy is counted as the last day of the previous period and not the day one think they actually conceived. Let the baby take the time it needs. All the changes that the body goes through like those swollen ankles, they will go away gradually. There will come a time when the toes will be visible again! There will come a time when those beautiful stilettos will fit the feet again. Enjoy the ride of pregnancy while it lasts and doesn’t worry about the drastic changes to your figure. A bounce back is definitely and easily possible.

Burping and farting are also normal, especially when the second trimester comes around. Pregnancy makes woman gaseous and flatulent so there is no need to be embarrassed every time you let it rip! Pregnancy does not mean bad fashion sense. Loose clothes are not the way to go, flaunt the bump. Also, try to stay away from maternity clothes. Go for alternatives like extenders as pregnancy clothes lose their functionality very quickly.

Be prepared for c-sections even if it is a natural birth that one wishes for. A little background knowledge is always helpful. Birthing is a natural and messy process, the water may not break in one go and take hours. Labor need not be a horrifying thought, the female body was made to undergo it and this too shall pass. Not every female body is the same, so not all pregnancies are the same. There may be symptoms that one mother to face that another might not. Not everything is set in stone when it comes to birthing a new life.