Why Is Bedwetting Alarm Not Working?


Bedwetting is common among young kids and most stop having episodes of wetting the bed by the time they are about four years old. If your child is more than 6 or 7 years old and has the problem of bedwetting during nights or when your child is in a deep sleep, you should think of speaking to your doctor about treating this condition. One of the ways of stopping this habit is the use of alarms. There are many bed wetting alarm reviews online; you can consider buying one as bedwetting can impact the self-esteem of your child and fixing this is of high priority opine experts at www.parents.com

Some parents who used this alarm complained saying that it did not work for their child after trying for a couple of weeks. Correct as well as regular usage is crucial for you and your child to succeed in using the alarm. When the alarm is appropriately used, bedwetting is cured in most kids, retry using it even in case your child fails to wake up. Here are a few tips that may help for efficient use of bedwetting alarm.

Help your child initially: Most children do not hear the sound of the alarm when they are in a deep sleep in the night and hence may not wake up. Another scenario is that they cannot comprehend what to do when they are awakened by the sound. Both the situations are every day when using this alarm initially. Given some time the child will learn how to respond when the alarm goes off. In the first few days of usage, parents should help the child switch off the alarm when they hear the sound and take him or her to the bathroom. Over time, they become independent and will no longer need your assistance as they know how to respond.

Be patient: You will not see the results overnight. Do not expect to have nights without bedwetting as soon as you start using the alarm. It is a slow process and takes about 8 to 10 weeks for permanent dry nights. Encourage your child whenever you see even a small progress. If your child has fewer wet days that means your child is responding to the alarm much better than before. Do not stop using it after a few weeks as the kids need time to respond.

Do not stop too soon: Many parents stop using the alarm when the child has a few dry nights. But the kid might restart bedwetting again and hence suffers low self-esteem. To avoid all this, use this alarm at least for a couple of weeks after a few dry nights to ensure that your child does not restart wetting. Another aspect noticed among parents is complacency in using the alarm, they may use the alarm for a few days and not use it for the next few days. Consistency is another key to success with this alarm.

Choose the right alarm type: There are many types of alarm available, pick the one that your child is comfortable and easy to use. The alarm should be easy to hook and unhook every night and also the one that sounds consistently when wet.

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